​​What is your favorite quote or saying:  Do not believe the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.​

If you were provided a grant to fund a community service project in your area, what would you choose: I would choose to support girls who cannot afford sanitary products as the lack of hygiene products limits a girl's ability to attend school normally.

What does the Imperial Platform “HOPE” mean to you:  HOPE means changing the world, one life at a time.

World Imperial Little Miss

Oratilwe Mohapi

World Imperial Miss

What does sisterhood mean to you:  It is more than having someone to lean on. It is being someone who is there for life's difficulties. I found my best friend through pageantry. Now we are inseparable. 

What does the Imperial Platform “HOPE” mean to you: It is about making a impact even if it is by doing something small. I was taught to "Help thy neighbor" and, for me, that extends across the nation to the world. I have made meals for the elderly and sent children's books to the UK for a classroom library.

Courtney Williams

World Imperial Preteen

​What is your favorite hobby:  ​My favorite hobby is playing with my dolls; I do not get bored, and I have so much fun.

What is your favorite animal:  My favorite animal is a cat because it is cute and fluffy, and I would enjoy brushing it all the time. 

If you could provide a donation to any charity, which would you choose:  I would choose a children’s home because I am a child too, and I would inspire them by showing love and kindness.

World Imperial Junior Miss

Sophia Ferrera

Azariaha Burton

Phenyo Sithi

World Imperial Teen

What does sisterhood mean to you:  Sisterhood is lifting each other to be the BEST we can be! We will only become our absolute best when we start supporting each other and all our endeavors.

What does the Imperial Platform “HOPE” mean to you: H.O.P.E giving someone a lift when they need it, he most, giving a positive outlook to create a promise! “To dream it is to achieve it” and to give H.O.P.E. can change the world.

Elihle Mthembu

What is your favorite hobby: Dancing is one of my favorite hobbies. This is because when I'm flowing with the music, I can be myself and have fun.
If you could give a donation to any charity, which would you choose and why: Definitely Ronald McDonald House. I have been volunteering with them for a while now. Families there stay because something tragic happened and the most they need in their lives is for hope to appear. They deserve all of the support in the world. 

Imperial Beauties Scholarship Competition, Inc.

 a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization

What is your favorite hobby: 

I enjoy gardening, I have even established my own vegetable garden. Last year I grew spinach, peppers, tomatoes, and lettuce. When I have grown enough, I will share with my neighbors. I also enjoy the process of gardening, planting seed, taking care of them by watering them daily, and seeing the plants grow is so rewarding. Having my own vegetable garden has changed me from not liking veggies to loving them.

World Imperial Classic Ms./Mrs.

World Imperial Junior Teen

Darby Mueller

2023 World Imperial Royalty

World Imperial Ms./Mrs.

Boitumelo Lebeloane

What is your favorite hobby:   Dance is one of my favorite pastimes as it allows me to express my emotions creatively. It has taught me self-confidence and discipline whilst on stage or performing. In short, dancing is not just a hobby for me but a way of life that fills me with joy and happiness.

How can you encourage people your age to start volunteering: I would lead them by example as volunteering helps teens learn skills, build confidence, and connect with their community.

What is your favorite hobby:  My favorite hobby is baking. It’s an activity I find pleasure in doing. It allows me to both be at ease and have fun, especially when I feel like I am going through a lot.

Tell us something unique about you: My personality traits make me unique. The word failure does not exist in my vocabulary, instead I view mishaps as a learning experience to do better next time. I am an ambitious person resulting in me being a goal getter.