World Imperial Junior Teen

World Imperial Classic Ms.

2022 World Imperial Royalty

Barbara Mejia Bush

World Imperial Miss

​Describe yourself:  ​compassionate, helpful, adventurous, independent, loyal, and forgiving

What does sisterhood mean:  Sisterhood to me means being family with those who may even be strangers. It’s important to me that I meet others with the same dream to create a safer and kinder world! 

How do you spread kindness:  I spread kindness through my caring for animals and also through community services

Isabella Wright

Emillia Gates

What does sisterhood mean to you:   Sisterhood is a community of girls encouraging each other to be brave and promote kindness and togetherness
How do you spread kindness: Isabella’s Illustrations is a self-created program where I have written and illustrated over 300 positivity cards to soldiers and expanded it to my Bear Hugs Campaign 

Favorite quote: "There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer."

--Gen. James H. Doolittle 

Jailyne Hidalgo

What does sisterhood mean to you:  Sisterhood is a divine connection between two souls who care and love each other deeply

What does the Imperial Platform “HOPE” mean to you: ​It means to give an opportunity, to give an experience of a lifetime to girls everywhere. 

How do you share our platform of HOPE: By volunteering in charities, donating my old clothes and being as active as I can in any way I can. I try to help anyone in need.

What does sisterhood mean to you:   Sisterhood to me is always having someone's back and support through everything

What does the Imperial Platform “HOPE” mean to you: To me, it means to always help other people everywhere. It means to give back to people in my community. It’s important because it’s good to help people who have less.

Favorite saying:  My favorite saying is "YOLO" because you only live once and we have to make it count. 

What does sisterhood mean to you:  Sisterhood is something very special, and I have been lucky enough to experience it with my biological sister, my sports teammates, my college sorority sisters, and my pageant sisters. It’s the late-night talks, the constant support, laughs, and tears we all share with one another and the memories we will never forget. 

What does the Imperial Platform “HOPE” mean to you: HOPE means always looking for a way to serve other people, no matter where you are at.

Amber Goodner

World Imperial Preteen

World Imperial Junior Miss

Cassidy Rosado

Charlie Texidor

Christina Jones

World Imperial Little Miss

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World Imperial Ms.

What does sisterhood mean to you:  Sisterhood is women who enjoy and support one another. It is encouragement and love without judgment.

What does the Imperial Platform “HOPE” mean to you: HOPE means tome that we are all responsible for one another. Helping someone even if you don’t have much is the greatest gift you can give. I am always fulfilled when helping someone else and love sharing that message with others.

Describe yourself:  joyful, hardworking, animal lover, intelligent, and loyal

What does sisterhood mean to you: Commitment and loyalty and shared interests  

How do you spread kindness: by showing Faith in everything I do and by listening to others needs

What you look for in a friend: kindness and authenticity

World Imperial Teen

​​What does sisterhood mean to you:   For me sisterhood goes deeper than blood. It is a relationship you share that is beyond friendship. The experiences you go through together mean you share the side of you that others don't see.
What does the Imperial Platform “HOPE” mean to you:  H.O.P. E is the message of never giving up on your dream and goals in life; that dreams can be fulfilled through hard work. It gives you the feeling of empowerment to achieve your dreams.