World Imperial Junior Teen

Hometown:Bodden Town, Grand Cayman

Ambition:  To become a police officer

Hobbies: Dancing

Platform: Performing Arts: to encourage my peers to use this medium to embrace the Caymanian Culture through preservation, expression, movement and dance, whilst sharing it with the world.

Interesting Fact About Me: I can run extremely fast.  People often compare me to a cheetah.

World Imperial Little Miss

Brittany Greer

World Imperial Junior Miss

Taylor Stuart

Peyton Owens




Cassie Callahan

Hometown: Winter Park, FL

Career:  Hair & Make-up Artist/Photographer

Hobbies: Latin ballroom dancing, baking, collecting key chains and traveling

Platform: Project Beauty where I give complementary services to girls or guys with very low self esteem and confidence issues.

Interesting Fact About Me: I am half Cuban.

Hometown: Countryside, IL

Ambition:  To become a professional dancer and to own a dance studio or company

Hobbies: Dance, photography, Crafts, and cooking

Platform: Water Is Life

Interesting Fact About Me: I am related to Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s wife.

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Ambition:  To become a a famous interior and fashion designer
Hobbies: Cheerleading, arts and crafts and volunteering

Platform: Helping Animals: ASPCA and Happy Trails Pet Rescue

Interesting Fact About Me: I'm extremely shy and quiet.

Hometown: Mitlon, FL

Ambition:  To become a marine biologist to help amazing creatures of the sea and their environment and to also become an accomplished Christian singer.

Hobbies: Softball, singing, and community service

Platform: To bring awareness to pediatric cancer and organ donation

Interesting Fact About Me: I am obsessed with sloths. Absolutely adore them!

World Imperial Preteen

World Imperial Teen

Catalina Sommer

Hometown: St. Johns, FL

Career:  Community property manager

Hobbies: Scrap booking,video games, puzzles, and attending Comic Cons

Platform: Adopt don't Shop with Florida Parrot Rescue which is an all volunteer run, avian rescue dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of companion parrots.

Interesting Fact About Me: I use to be a Zookeeper at the Jacksonville Zoo.  Now I have a mini zoo of my own consisting of: Birds, cats, reptiles, fish and a reef tank.

World Imperial Miss

Nevin Merrill

Azariah Burton

World Imperial Woman

2018 World Imperial Royalty

Hometown: St Augustine, FL

Ambition:  To become a teacher and a mommy

Hobbies: Gymnastics & Cheerleading

Platform: Animal rescue: adopting, fostering and volunteering

Interesting Fact About Me: I'm a flyer for my competitive cheer team and I love to be tossed up high in the air.  I am also fostering a kitten that I named DJ whiskers.

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