As we approach beauty pageants, 2024, several emerging trends and themes are shaping the future of these events. This blog will explore the evolving judging criteria, inclusivity and diversity efforts, sustainability practices, technological advancements, and the growing focus on social causes in upcoming pageants. By understanding these changes, we can appreciate how beauty pageants remain relevant and impactful in today’s society.

Evolving Judging Criteria

In beauty pageants, 2024, one of the most notable shifts is in the judging criteria.

  • Shift in Focus: Judging criteria now emphasize personality, talent, and social impact. World Imperial Beauties prioritizes community contributions and the ability to inspire.
  • Examples: Pageants like Miss America have introduced significant changes, including eliminating the swimsuit competition to focus more on personal achievements and social initiatives. These adjustments are designed to celebrate contestants’ diverse strengths and talents, moving away from traditional beauty norms.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Inclusivity and diversity are becoming central themes in beauty pageants, 2024.

  • Growing Importance: Beauty pageants are increasingly focusing on inclusivity and diversity. Contestants of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes are celebrated.
  • Notable Changes: Recent pageants, such as Miss Universe, have seen historic milestones with contestants like Zozibini Tunzi, the first black woman with natural hair to win the title, and Angela Ponce, the first transgender contestant. These examples highlight the industry’s commitment to embracing and celebrating diversity. At World Imperial Beauties, we champion these values, ensuring our pageants reflect the true diversity of the world.

Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability is another critical trend in beauty pageants, 2024.

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Many pageants are incorporating sustainability into their events. This includes the use of recycled materials for costumes and eco-friendly stage designs.
  • Examples: The Miss Earth pageant promotes environmental awareness, requiring contestants to participate in eco-projects and emphasizing sustainable practices. World Imperial Beauties also implement green initiatives, such as using sustainable fashion and minimizing the carbon footprint of our events. These efforts reduce environmental impact and educate audiences and participants on the importance of sustainability.

Technological Influence

Beauty pageants, 2024 will be very different, thanks largely to technology.

  • Role of Technology: Virtual pageants and social media transform the pageant experience. Technology allows contestants to reach a global audience and engage in real-time.
  • Enhancements: World Imperial Beauties utilizes the latest technology to ensure accessibility and engagement. For example, we have incorporated virtual reality (VR) elements to provide an immersive experience for viewers and used social media platforms to increase interaction and visibility for contestants. These technological advancements enrich the experience for both contestants and viewers, making pageants more dynamic and inclusive.

Focus on Social Causes

A growing emphasis on social causes and advocacy is evident in beauty pageants, 2024.

  • Emphasis on Advocacy: Beauty pageants are placing greater emphasis on social causes. Contestants use platforms to promote important issues like mental health and gender equality.
  • Examples: Contestants like Catriona Gray Miss Universe 2018, have used their titles to advocate for education and social welfare projects in their home countries. At World Imperial Beauties, we encourage our contestants to champion causes they are passionate about, reinforcing the pageant’s impact beyond beauty and highlighting its role as a platform for positive change.


The trends shaping beauty pageants, 2024 are a testament to the industry’s evolution towards greater inclusivity, sustainability, and social responsibility. These changes reflect broader societal shifts and enhance the relevance and impact of beauty pageants in today’s world. As we look forward to upcoming pageants, it is clear that they will continue to celebrate not just external beauty but also the inner strength and contributions of contestants.

Beauty Pageants, 2024 promises to be exciting and transformative, offering new opportunities for aspiring contestants. We encourage you to comment on these developments and think about how they might motivate your path in the pageant world. Dive into the adventure with World Imperial Beauties and explore the future of beauty pageants.